Savings Bond Program

Due to the U.S. Treasury Department termination of paper savings bonds through payroll deduction effective Jan. 1, 2011, National Bond and Trust is CLOSED.

As an authorized issuing agent, we issued paper savings bonds through November 2010. Any payroll deductions received by Dec. 7, 2010, were used to issue final savings bonds.

Payroll deductions received after Dec. 7, 2010, were returned to the employer.

If you are a former participant and require assistance, please visit the Treasury Direct website for any information or forms you may need with your existing paper U.S. savings bonds, or to enroll in the paperless savings bond program with Treasury Direct. For telephone assistance from the Treasury regarding Treasury Direct, please call the Treasury Retail Securities site that services your region.

If there is a residual balance in the employee's account after issuing final bonds, the account balance was sent back to the employer on or before Dec. 31, 2010. The employer is responsible for disbursement to employees. If you have a question regarding your refund or final payroll deductions, please contact the Payroll Office, 718.951.5091.