Hazardous Materials Management

Chemical Waste Management and Disposal

All hazardous chemical waste must be submitted to EHS for proper handling and disposal. Hazardous chemical waste includes containers of leftover or expired chemicals, waste from laboratory processes, waste from maintenance activities, etc. Please take the time to review the written procedure for chemical and hazardous waste management. For additional information, contact the hazardous materials manager at 718.951.4268.

Regulated Medical Waste Management

Always contact EHS when disposing of the following. EHS picks up and coordinates the proper disposal of these items.

  • Needles, syringes and other sharp objects*
  • Biohazardous or medical waste

* EHS provides puncture-proof containers, or "sharps containers," for these items.

Always consult with EHS regarding the proper disposal of all other materials and waste generated during experiments and related lab or classroom activities, including:

  • Biohazardous or regulated medical waste. Such materials must be placed in covered and labeled leak-proof containers or in red bags within secondary containers.
  • Noncontaminated waste. Such materials can be disposed of in regular trash. Be sure not to use red bags and to remove any biohazard label.