Co-curricular Transcript

The Co-curricular Transcript (CCT) is an official document out of the Division of Student Affairs containing a detailed record of students' leadership experience, campus involvement, community service and recognitions while enrolled at Brooklyn College. Students must activate their Co-curricular Transcript in order to begin documenting their experiences. The CCT complements their academic transcript, enhances their résumé, and helps to give them an edge when they pursue advanced degrees, internships or employment.

All entries into the CCT will be validated by the Division of Student Affairs. The document will be sent by mail, or made available for pick up, upon request. An official CCT will bear a college seal and the signature of the vice president for student affairs.

Six Activity Types Central to the CCT

  • Professional Development, such as student participation in webinars, conferences, or workshops offered by the Magner Career Center, Personal Counseling or the library.
  • Leadership Development and Involvement, such as participation in student governance, campus committees, mentoring or student organization executive boards. 
  • Recognitions, Awards or Achievements, such as scholarships, grants, awards, publications or honors.
  • Volunteerism/Community Service, such as on- or off-campus volunteer activities. Students documenting their volunteer activities are also encouraged to sign up for SERVA for the opportunity to obtain a Student Affairs honors notation on their academic transcript.
  • Participation in programs, clubs or membership in professional organizations, including Greek-lettered organizations and student clubs.
  • Athletics/Recreation, such as membership on athletic teams or cheerleading squads, or participation in intramurals.

How to Activate Your CCT Account Online

  • Log in to the Brooklyn College portal.
  • Via the "My Info" tab, click on "My Co-curricular Transcript."
  • Click the "Log in to My CCT Account" button.
  • Add your activities.

How to Add an Activity to Your CCT Account

  • Click "Add Activity."
  • Enter your expected graduation date.
  • Enter the activity name.
  • Select the "Type of Activity" and the "Sub-type."
  • Provide a brief description of your participation in the activity. (Note: Descriptions may be edited.)
  • Once your submission has been verified, the event /honor or award will automatically be added to your CCT.

Frequently Asked Questions