CLAS, SGS and GSO Student Government Spring 2014 Elections

Student Government elections are held every spring semester. Voting takes place on the BC webportal. For more information on the voting process click on the "How to vote link" below.

February 20.

Referendum proposal submitted to Election Commissioners for review.

February 27.

College Wide Election Review Committee (CWERC) meeting

March 6.

CWERC meeting

March 12.

Student Government Informational Student Center 4th fl. (Aviary) 11am.

March 17.

Referendum petition process begins. Signature petitions are picked up from Election Commissioners.

March 20.

CLAS Party slates are due, hand in to the Election Commissioners.

March 24.

CLAS candidate petitioning process begins. Signature petitions are picked up from Election Commissioners.

March 27.

GSO & SGS petitioning period begins.

March 31.

CLAS candidate and Referendum petitioning process ends. Signature petitions are due. please returned to Election Commissioners.

April 1- April 7.

Verification of CLAS nominees.

April 3.

GSO & SGS petitioning period end.

April 8.

Verification of GSO & SGS nominees.

April 14- 23.


April 21.

Deadline to submit all electronic bios.

April 24.

Graduate nominees submit a letter of acceptance to Election Commissioners.

April 28, 29, & 30

CLAS, GSO, SGS,& Referendum Elections

April 30

View CLAS Election Results - 5:00pm

May 1

View GSO & SGS Election Results - 3:00pm

May 8.

CWERC meeting

June 30.

Deadline for the ratification of Student Government Elections. Final day of 2013/2014 Semester Student Government Term of Office. Final CUNY Board of Trustees Referendum Meeting.

July 1.

First day of the 2014/2015 student government term of office.

How to vote

Elections Disciplinary Notice

For more information, contact the Office of Civic Engagement at 718.951.5352 or Email: