Town Halls at Brooklyn College

2113 Boylan Hall
P: 718.951.5352
F: 718.951.4453

Get Noticed. Be Heard.

The Town Hall is a signature event on campus. It is an open forum for students, staff and faculty to assemble, discuss and debate on any given topic and is composed of a panel of guests who provide academic and professional insight on the issue at hand. Town Hall meetings have been an important part of the lives of Brooklyn College community members since 2003. They help spread information and are a great way to build a sense of community.

The Division of Student Affairs organizes these meetings around a topic of interst in collaboration with other administrators, faculty members and student organizations. During Town Halls, students are able to voice their opinion and be heard by administrators with decision-making power and have the opportunity to interact with faculty outside of a classroom setting. Discussion topics are generated from student intersts, policy issues and, in some cases, current events.

Key things to know about a Town Hall meeting:

  • It is a public forum for discussion of issues, ideas and topics in a semi-informal setting.
  • It serves as a medium where members of various communities can connect with other parts of the campus and meet campus leaders.
  • It gives the campus admininstration a chance to put forth future plans.
  • It gives you, the campus citizen, an opportunity to have your voice heard and reflects a diversity of thoughts and ideas.
  • It helps generate new ideas.
  • Participants are productive and respectful of each other's perspective.
  • It empowers the larger community with new and important information.