The Volunteers for Orientation Initiatives, Commencement and Civic Engagement (VOICCE) is to develop a cohort of students who throughout their academic career can develop their leadership skills, become globally competent, appreciate cultural differences and improve their communication skills and civic awareness through volunteerism and civic engagement.
Becoming a member of VOICCE, students will be offered several personal and leadership development workshops and team building exercises throughout the semester as well as first preference to off campus leadership retreats.

Volunteer Opportunities for students enrolled in V.O.I.C.C.E:

  •  BC Plugged In
  • Civic Breakfast Preparation & Facilitation
  • Commencement
  • Enrollment Services Center Greeters
  • Health Fair
  • Information Booth Management
  • Make A Difference Dinner Preparation & Facilitation
  • Open House
  • Unity Week
  • Volunteer Week
  • Voter Registration

Students are not limited to these opportunities and are welcome to participate in more than one program if they wish to do so. All of these volunteering opportunities are eligible to be included in your co-curricular transcript. Students can also join the Student Volunteer Registry (SERVA) and be eligible for Student Affairs honors notation on your Academic Transcript once you complete 100 hours of community service learning in two (2) consecutive semesters.  


  • Improvement in leadership skills
  • Gain interpersonal communication skills
  • Gain knowledge relevant to the campus
  • Develop higher self – esteem
  • Increase ability to resolve complex issues
  • Heighten sense of emotional well-being
  • More opportunities for self-reflection and evaluation
  • Develop positive relationships with administration

For more opportunities visit the Civic Engagement and Orientaion Office in 2153 Boylan Hall or Email civicengagement@brooklyn.cuny.edu