I. At a Glance

What EMS Does

Brooklyn College EMS provides emergency care services to the college community and the surrounding areas. Most volunteers are students who volunteer their time as EMTs, ambulance drivers or dispatchers. Any student can volunteer without having any experience.

The Layout

The Brooklyn College Emergency Medical Squad is located in 021 Ingersoll Hall and compromises one main room, two offices and a storage room. In the front area is the dispatcher area that includes a desk, a base station, portable radios and all equipment that the squad uses (both stored items and the various equipment bags). Also found in this room are the bulletin boards where announcements and messages are placed. When you walk in (even if it's not for a shift), please look around for any news that may concern you. If you need to leave anything for another member, mailboxes are located on the left side of the room by the bulletin board.

The main room also consists of a recreational area, where a sofa, tables, a television and a computer are located. You are encouraged to come in when you are not on shift to relax, do homework, or just to meet your fellow squad members. In one of the offices is another computer, which is available to all volunteers. The rule concerning computer use is that squad business comes first, followed by schoolwork and then games.

The People

BC-EMS has its own hierarchy. A board of directors assists the administrator, with each member responsible for a particular aspect of operations. To learn the names and functions of the board members, please look on the dispatcher's desk. Each May, elections are held to choose the members of the board for the next year. You must be a member of BC-EMS for at least one semester to vote in the elections. Candidates for each position must meet certain qualifications.

The board of directors consists of:

BC-50: Administrator
BC-50A: Treasurer
BC-50B: Secretary
BC-50C: Public relations
BC-51: Chief of operations
BC-52: Deputy chief
BC-53: Training officer
BC-54: Equipment officer
BC-55: Safety officer
BC-56: Communications officer
BC-57: Personnel officer
BC-58: House officer
BC-59: Scheduling officer
BC-60: Faculty adviser

The duties of each board position are outlined carefully in the SOP Manual.