• Wendy Bamman, PA
  • Jessica Cenatus, Office Assistant
  • Kathy Cilione, NP, Psychiatric NP
  • Asseline Felissaint, Medical Assistant 
  • Gary Giardina, PA
  • Mark E. Horowitz, MD, Collaborating Physician
  • Ellen McTigue, NP Colposcopist
  • Nydia Santiago-Galvin, RN, Nurse-Manager
  • Launa Smith, Receptionist
  • Tanyka Smith, NP
  • Ilene Tannenbaum, NP, Clinic Director
  • Nathalie Vil, PA

Health Care Providers

Clinical care is provided by nurse practitioners (NP) and physician assistants (PA), licensed practitioners who have received advanced, specialized training in performing medical check-ups, making diagnoses and treating illnesses. They may order and interpret laboratory tests and prescribe medications.