• Wendy Bamman, PA
  • Jessica Cenatus, Office Assistant
  • Asseline Felissaint, Medical Assistant 
  • Gary Giardina, PA
  • David Horvath, Psychiatric NP
  • Mark E. Horowitz, MD, Collaborating Physician
  • Jonathan Louis, Office Assistant
  • Ellen McTigue, NP Colposcopist
  • Jean O'Doherty, NP
  • Nabila Saadat, Office Assistant
  • Launa Smith, Receptionist
  • Tanyka Smith, NP
  • Ilene Tannenbaum, NP, Clinic Director

Health Care Providers

Clinical care is provided by nurse practitioners (NP) and physician assistants (PA), licensed practitioners who have received advanced, specialized training in performing medical check-ups, making diagnoses and treating illnesses. They may order and interpret laboratory tests and prescribe medications.