Behavioral Education and Support Team (BEST)

The Brooklyn College Behavioral Education and Support Team (BEST) seeks to promote a civil campus environment and support students who may be in distress. Our work includes communication, collaboration, education, and prevention with respect to behaviors of concern, while attempting to protect the privacy and the rights of the individuals involved.

BEST is chaired by Moraima Cunningham, Senior Director of Student Engagement and Judicial Affairs, and is composed of representatives from the offices of the Associate Provost, Legal Services, Personal Counseling, Public Safety, and Student Affairs. Additional members of the campus community will be consulted as needed, including Disability Services, Diversity and Equity, and Ombuds.

Faculty, staff, and students can refer students to BEST who may be in distress or in need of additional support by completing a Student Behavior Form. Reports on challenging student behavior may also be made by e-mail or by phone (951-5352). Additionally, Security Incident Reports may also be a source of reporting when it comes to concerning student behavior. Once a report is received, the team takes the following steps:

  1. Initiate investigation—gather information from all possible sources to help establish the threat level.
  2. Determine appropriate intervention and develop an action plan—the course of action may include recommending Personal Counseling, calling the student in to meet with Student Affairs, checking-in with the student via phone (wellness check), making a behavioral contract with the student, referring student for disciplinary action, or recommending a voluntary/involuntary medical withdrawal.
  3. Implement action plan—a point person is assigned responsibility for carrying out the specific strategies identified in the action plan as well as providing feedback/updates to the parties that need to be informed once the specific action has been carried out.
  4. Follow-up/monitoring—the frequency and depth of follow-up will be determined based on the level of risk/threat of the student’s initial behavior.

Campus community members are encouraged to refer students to B.E.S.T. who may display concerning or challenging behavior. If you see something, say something!

Please note: for safety concerns or urgent/threatening incidents, immediately contact the Office of Public Safety at 951-5511.