What is Brooklyn College BEST (formerly BIT-Behavioral Intervention Team)?

The Brooklyn College Behavioral Education and Support Team (BEST) is a collaborative committee that meets regularly to discuss students displaying behaviors of concern. BEST determines if any intervention is needed and who would be best to carry out the intervention, and monitors the intervention.

BEST comprises representatives from the offices of the Associate Provost, Legal Services, Personal Counseling, Public Safety, and Student Affairs. Additional members of the campus community will be consulted as needed, including Disability Services, Diversity and Equity, and Ombuds.

Why do we need BEST?

Faculty, staff, and students are often among the first to notice when a student is showing signs of distress (e.g., withdrawal, agitation, change in personal communication) or behaving in a disruptive or dangerous manner. Disruption of academic progress, personal relationships, and daily behavior may also be signs that a person needs help. In order to help maintain safety and civility on campus, BEST identifies, responds with, and monitors appropriate intervention when individual behavior causes concern to other members of the campus community.

What do you report to BEST?

Anything that worries you might prompt you to make a report. Examples include but are not limited to extreme rudeness, erratic or disruptive behavior, written work with troubling themes or references, and actions that cause an alarm or call into question the safety of the student or others. Contact the chair of BEST, Moraima Cunningham, by e-mail or phone, 718.951.5352, to discuss the best course of action if you are not sure what to do.

How do I make a report to BEST?

To report a concern to BEST, please complete a Student Behavior Form (pdf). The form will require a narrative of the behavior of concern you have witnessed. You can also contact the BEST chair, Moraima Cunningham, by e-mail or phone, 718.951.5352, if you wish to discuss your concern prior to submitting a report.

Will I be contacted if I submit a concern?

A member of BEST may contact you if additional information is needed.

What happens when a report is made?

Once BEST receives a report, the team will attempt to gather more information from faculty, staff, or other students. A determination is then made as to the need for support services and/or additional interventions (e.g., disciplinary, medical withdrawal, etc.).

How do I report a concern after standard business hours?

If something happens during nonbusiness hours, submit your concern via e-mail to the BEST chair, Moraima Cunningham, by e-mail or phone, 718.951.5352. In case of a safety issue, at any time, contact Public Safety immediately at 718.951.5511.

Can BEST mandate that a student receive counseling or withdraw from the college?

No. Students referred to BEST are offered support services. Accepting this support is not a condition of their enrollment.

If I refer the student to counseling, isn't that enough?

No. Although the student may need counseling, a student may not accept the referral.