Over 250 Student Clubs and Organizations

Student Activities Central / Central Depository

302 Student Center
P: 718.951.5550 / 5712
F: 718.951.4315

Brooklyn College Student Activities Central recognizes the importance of supporting the activities of our students and providing them with proper advisement, program development and opportunities for personal and academic growth. We continue to focus on these core values while looking toward offering new opportunities to provide programming, mentoring and education.

Central Depository is responsible for the receipt, distribution and accounting of all student activity fees and revenues generated by the activities funded through those fees. Central Depository, as well as all student organizations, must recognize and adhere to the bylaws and the fiscal rules and regulations of the Brooklyn College Fiscal Accountability Guidelines, and the City University of New York (CUNY) Fiscal Handbook for the Control and Accountability of Student Activity Fees.

All clubs and organizations that want to be funded by student activity fees must register with this office at the beginning of each school year. Before a club registers, executive officers are required to attend officers' training on the fiscal rules and regulations of CUNY and Brooklyn College. A schedule of training is posted in the office and on BCNN, and advertised in the student newspapers.