Brooklyn College Association

The Brooklyn College Association is responsible for the supervision and review of college Student Activity Fee–supported budgets. The BCA meets once a month; its subcommittee, the Budget Committee, meets twice a month. The BCA is composed of 13 members:

  • the president of Brooklyn College or his or her designee as chairperson,
  • three administrative members appointed by the president,
  • three faculty members appointed by the president from a list of nominees submitted by the Faculty Council, and
  • six students:
  • the three student government presidents, and
  • three members of the student governments, elected by the student governments. 

BCA meeting schedule for fall 2013 semester.

Note: The coordinator of Central Depository shall serve as an ex-officio member of BCA, with voice but no vote.

Budget Committee

The Budget Committee is composed of the three student government presidents and two other governing BCA members appointed by the president. The following are reviewed by the Budget Committee and recommended to the BCA for approval:

  • student government–approved club budget modifications,
  • referendum budget modifications,
  • increases in salaries and stipends,
  • trips out of New York City,
  • three kinds of budgetary requests made directly to the BCA (for approval or denial),
  • referenda budgets, including budgets of allocating bodies (CLAS, GSO, SGS), and 
  • Central Depository budget.

BCA Budget Committe meeting schedule for fall 2013 semester.

BCA meetings are posted in the Student Activities Central/Central Depository, 302 Student Center. For more information, contact your organizations liaison or the coordinator of Central Depository prior to any BCA Budget Committee meeting for timeline and procedure.