Brooklyn College Association

The Brooklyn College Association (BCA) responsible for the supervision and review of student activity fee supported budgets and the administration and management of student activity fees. To promote and cultivate educational and social relationships among the students, faculty and staff of the college. Also, to aid the students in their work, study, living and extracurricular activities.

BCA meets once a month; its subcommittee, the Budget Committee, meets twice a month. The BCA is composed of 13 members (13) regular, voting directors and up to six (6) alternates.

The composition of the board of directors shall be as follows:

  • The college president or his/her designee, as chair.
  • Two college administrators and one administrator alternate, each appointed by the college president.
  • Two members of the college faculty and up to two faculty alternates, each appointed by the college president and consists of faculty members elected by the Faculty Council.
  • Six students and up to three student alternates, consisting of the presidents of the three student governments and other students elected by the student governments from among the elected members of the student governments.
  • Two independent directors appointed by the college president.

Note: The administrator in charge of Central Depository shall attend meetings of the association, with voice but no vote.

Budget Committee

The board of directors shall have a Budget Committee consisting of the three student government presidents and two directors elected by the Budget Committee by the board from among the faculty and administrative directors.

The following are reviewed by the Budget Committee and recommended to the BCA for approval:

  • Referenda budgets, including budgets of allocating bodies (CLAS, GSO, SGS)
  • Increases or changes in salaries and stipends
  • Trip approvals
  • Permission to spend over $1,250 on a vendor
  • Fund balance requests

BCA meetings are posted in the Student Activities Central/Central Depository, 302 Student Center and on the college calendar.

For more information, visit Student Activities Central/Central Depository prior to any BCA Budget Committee meeting for timeline and procedure.