Mission Statement

The Brooklyn College Student Center, as the hub of student life, is committed to serving the College and surrounding community through the co-creation of opportunities that foster student development and empower students to demonstrate model citizenship. 


The Student Center's vision as the hub of student life and a center for all Brooklyn youth is to be an arena where students have the opportunity to demonstrate model citizenship and community engagement. It will also be a place where students gain a greater awareness of ethics and the development and workings of a modern society in an interdependent world through its consistent demonstration of the highest degree of community partnering and professionalism.


The Student Center facilitates cocurricular programming, active involvement and collaboration with the community that bonds students to their alma mater. The Conference Center engages the Brooklyn community, including nonprofit and community organizations, businesses and individuals, so that students understand the development and working of a modern society in an interdependent world. Assessment tools include surveys, questionnaires and focus groups.

Learning Goal(s)

All of our graduates will be informed and responsible citizens of the world.

Programmatic Goal

To provide a center for dialogue and student program development.