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The Women's Center

The Brooklyn College Women's Center is one of the oldest college women's centers in the United States.

By expanding the conventional direct services approach of traditional women's centers, which focuses on solving immediate crises through referrals and/or counseling, the Brooklyn College Women's Center is committed to adopting a wide range of multidimensional needs-driven program activities that address the emotional, intellectual, physical and financial well-being of the whole person.

Our challenge is to create, promote and organize programs that raise awareness of women's issues and in return empower participants to live a life that will reduce victimization, encourage self-sufficiency and independence, and model the skills to help women organize and sustain an environment of self-awareness where they are better able to maintain a healthy life style and make choices that will positively impact their own future.

To learn more about us, visit or contact our office in 227 Ingersoll Hall Extension, 718.951.5777.