CUNY Counseling Assistantship Program (CUNYCAP)

CUNYCAP was created especially for students who received their undergraduate degree from a CUNY college and who are now attending a CUNY college for their graduate studies. The project was developed in coordination with CUNY's Central Office of Student Services and individual campuses. It provides sites for the development of professionals among our graduate students, allows students to gain valuable experience while receiving a salary and six-credit tuition waiver, and provides opportunities for leadership development.

Some of the areas where CUNYCAP students are placed include the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs; Office of the Dean for the School of Natural and Behavioral Sciences; Office of the Dean for the School of Visual, Media and Performing Arts; Student Activities; Central Depository; the Honors Academy; Health Programs and Immunization Requirements; Students Assistance and Referral; Civic Engagement; Judicial Affairs; and SERVA. There are often departments on the waiting list to acquire a CUNYCAP in their office, which all the more demonstrates the program's excellence in providing outstanding graduate employees.

As a result of budget cuts, CUNYCAP sustained a major cut in the number of positions offered at Brooklyn College, from as many as 30 to 12.

The CUNYCAP program continues to be extremely successful both as a financial support and an educational experience for highly motivated graduate student employees while positively affecting the retention and graduation of our students.

Eligibility Criteria

  • A bachelor's degree earned with a record of academic achievement from any CUNY college
  • Enrollment as a matriculated student in a CUNY graduate program
  • The availability of a minimum of 15 to a maximum of 20 hours per week during the fall and spring semesters, primarily during daytime hours

To Apply

  • Contact the Central Office of CUNY for more information and an initial screening interview.

    The City University of New York
    Office of Student Financial Assistance
    205 East 42 Street, seventh floor
    New York, NY 10017
    P: 646.664.3517
  • Bring the following documents to your screening interview:
    • Two letters of recommendation, ideally one from a faculty member and one from a work supervisor
    • Résumé outlining work experience
    • Proof of undergraduate graduation (copy of diploma or final transcript)
    • Copy of acceptance letter to a graduate school