Prospective Members

What is SERVA?

SERVA is a Brooklyn College Division of Student Affairs program that acknowledges and rewards students' volunteer services.

What qualifies as volunteer service for SERVA?

Any organized nonpartisan activity that helps others and is not an academic program's requirement. For the service, one cannot receive wages, stipends, cash awards or academic credit.

Who is eligible to join SERVA?

Any currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate Brooklyn College student in good academic standing.

Where can you volunteer?

  • On campus
  • In local communities
  • Around the world

Are there other SERVA requirements?

  • Keeping a volunteer service log and having activities validated. Logs are available in the Peer Education Service Center, 524 Student Center, and online.
  • Completing a minimum of four service education units. These units are available upon completion of eligible workshop and training sessions given by the Division of Student Affairs and other on-campus programs and community organizations.
  • Returning completed log, signed by projects’ supervisors, to 2113 Boylan Hall for verification.

What are the benefits of being a SERVA volunteer?

  • SERVA Certificate — given upon completion of a minimum of 34 hours of volunteer service and four service education units within two consecutive semesters.
  • Student Affairs Honors — transcript notation given for a minimum of the 100 volunteer hours completed and six service education units within two consecutive semesters. To be eligible for the transcript notation, a student must also have a minimum overall GPA of 2.50.
  • Career experience formally documented to put on your résumé.
  • Personal satisfaction gained by making a difference and helping others.

If you wish to get started with SERVA or need further information, please e-mail us with the subject line stating "Interested in Volunteering." We look forward to hearing from you.