Research Programs

Breeding and Rearing Fish

AREAC has eight tanks dedicated toward the culture of tilapia.

Horseshoe Crab

Martin Schreibman
A project is currently under way to grow horseshoe crab from the egg to aid in restoration of this species in Jamaica Bay.

Learning in the Octopus

Frank Grasso, Psychology
The primary aim of this research is to understand the biological mechanisms of behavior. A secondary aim is the development of new robotic technologies inspired by animal abilities.

Learning and Behavior in Nautilus

Jennifer Basil, Biology
Nautilus is used as a model animal for research into how organisms rely upon nonvisual information to make orientation decisions. Nautilus has a highly developed sense of smell, and how this is used in behavior and how the organism learns about its environment is a current research topic.

Biofuels From Micro-algae

Jurgen Polle, Biology
Future energy technologies will involve the creation of renewable sources. In this regard, Jurgen Polle has undertaken research into the feasibility of using micro-algae as a source of renewable fuels. He and his associates are identifying appropriate candidates for culturing, that is, those who have the greatest efficiency in converting light into algal biomass.

Behavioral Neuroendocrinology of Vocal Fish

Paul Forlano, Biology
A combination of evolutionary/systems neuroscience with a molecular and cellular approach is employed in order to identify the mechanisms underlying steroid-induced neural plasticity and sex differences in brain and behavior. These studies focus on vocal, auditory and neuroendocrine circuits that are conserved across vertebrates.