Biology explores the study of the physical structure, properties and principles that apply to all living things. The well-respected Biology Department provides a well-rounded education in a variety of biological sciences. Students develop both theoretical and lab skills with faculty members who are some of the best in their area.


Chemistry examines the nature of matter, its transformation and its interaction with energy. The Chemistry Department provides the foundation for modern biology as well as other fields such as materials science and nanotechnology. Students are mentored by world-renowned faculty and have access to state-of-the-art technology and equipment. 

Health and Nutrition Sciences

Studies in the Health and Nutrition Sciences Department receive the conceptual foundation and factual knowledge necessary to analyze and apply current information concerning health and health care. A solid grounding in the sciences enables our students to understand the relationship between food, nutrients, health and disease.


Students learn the major concepts, theories, findings and historical trends in psychology as well as basic research methods, including research design, data analysis and interpretation. Students in the Psychology Department learn to apply psychological principles to personal, social and organizational issues, with an appreciation of socio-cultural and economic diversity.

Speech Communication Arts and Sciences

In the Speech Communication Arts and Sciences Department, students are expected to explore and conduct research on the development of speech and language from physiological and psychological perspectives, and to concentrate on understanding, evaluating and rehabilitating those who encounter difficulties in communication.