About Us


The primary goal of M-PEER is to address the lack of diversity in the field of biomedical research by way of supporting undergraduate honors level science students from underrepresented groups. M-PEER has set out to address the aforementioned issue through the employment of a detailed and rich introduction program and an individualized based student support system.

How Students Benefit

M-PEER students are offered a variety of opportunities and a strong support system. In particular, they are afforded a glimpse into the world of biomedical research in the hope that it will spark something in their minds and provide them with a research-based focus. Benefits include:

  • Access to special M-PEER courses and workshops in various aspects of research
  • Peer-assisted workshops in historically difficult science and math classes (sequences in calculus, general and organic chemistry, general physics, cell biology and molecular biology)
  • Science-oriented academic advisement
  • Registration assistance
  • Special M-PEER classes to introduce students to science careers
  • Early training in research techniques