International Electroacoustic Music Festival

Fall 2013 IEAMF performance.

 Fall 2013 IEAMF performance.

Fall 2013 IEAMF performance.

Spring 2016 Festival

Note: All events free.  No tickets required.

Tuesday, March 22: Carl Stone

Guest composer Carl Stone discusses his work, 12:30 p.m., 206G Roosevelt Hall Extension.

Tuesday, March 29: Ableton Day

Includes presentations, workshops, and concert. Featuring Ben Casey and Sullen Prospector (Zach Koeber & Dan Hirshorn of Archie Pelago).

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Wednesday, March 30: Brooklyn College Showcase

Music by students and alumni of Brooklyn College: Max Alper, Dan Henry Boehler, Whitney George, Nicholas Nelson, Marco Oppediasno, and Rob Voisey. 5 p.m., Studio 312 (312 Roosevelt Hall Extension).

Thursday, March 31: Mark Snyder Group

Composer/performer Mark Snyder with harpist Becky Brown and soprano Paige Naylor. 7 p.m., Studio 312, Roosevelt Hall Extension.

Tuesday, April 5: Dan Trueman

Guest composer Dan Trueman discusses his work. 11 a.m., 116 Roosevelt Hall Extension (instrument building) and 12:30 p.m., 206G Roosevelt Hall Extension (his compositions).