Fall 2010 International Electro-Acoustic Music Festival

October 26 – 28, 2010
Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music

Tuesday, October 26

7 p.m., Levenson Hall
360 degrees of 60x60 (Magenta Mix)
Featuring Robert Voisey, founder/director of the 60x60 Project. Sixty one-minute pieces by 60 composers, assembled into a continuous one-hour event. This performance features video accompaniments for each work, created by video artist and composer Patrick Liddell.

Works by composers Liana Alexandra, Taylor Ashley, Jeremy Baguyos, Per Bloland, James Bohn, Susan Brewster, Ann Cantelow, Da Jeong Choi, Stavros Choplaros, David Claman, Douglas Cohen, Amanda Cole, J.C. Combs, Ron Coulter, Lucio E. Cuellar, Mark Eden, Robert Fanelli, Jonas Foerster, Ulf Grahn, Melissa Grey, Richard Hall, Anthony Hood, Bernard Hughes, Marie Incontrera, David Jaggard, Travis Johns, Tuan Hung Le, Cyprian Li, Brian Lindgren, Sylvi MacCormac, Eli McCartney, David Mooney, Serban Nichifor, Charles Nichols, Robert Payne, Andrian Pertout, Guillermo Pozzati, Bob Rocco, Paul Russell, Antti Saario, jacky schreiber, Daniel Sedgwick, David Ben Shannon, Adam Sovkoplas, Adam Stansbie, Ken Steen, Christiane Strothmann, Elke Swoboda, Agnes Szelag, Aart Uunivers, Jeremy Van Buskirk, Victor Villarreal, John Villec, Patricia Walsh, Jane Wang, Dan Weymouth, Brent Wilcox, Ozan Yarman, Ph.D., Gregory Yasinitsky and Ivan Zavada.

Wednesday October 27

7 p.m, Whitman Hall
American Composers Concert
Featuring guest composer Matthew Burtner.

  • Sxueak, for squeaky toy ensemble and computer.
    By Matthew Burtner
    Performed by Matthew Burtner and Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music students and faculty
  • Obesssive Currents, for violin and computer
    By Douglas Geers
    Maja Cerar, violin
  • Monkey Lab, for narrator and electronics
    By Robert Voisey
    Performed by Robert Voisey and David Morneau
  • Série Noire (Thriller) (2005), for piano and playback
    By Pierre Jodlowski
    Performed by Shiau-uen DING - Piano
  • Kuik, for Soprano, narrator and percussion and computer
    By Matthew Burtner

Thursday October 28

12:30 p.m., 251 Gershwin Hall
Lecture by composer Matthew Burtner on his recent work

7 p.m., Levenson Hall
Emerging Composers Concert

  • How to Undress in Front of Your Husband
    By Nicholas Nelson
  • Mothership
    By Ian Munro
    Ian Munro, Hammond organ
  • Al Otro Lado del Rio
    By Camila Cano
    Alice Jones, flute, Camila Cano, laptop
  • For Stefanos Tsigrimanis
    By Paul Pinto
  • j david tapper
    By Dave Ruder
    Laura Vuksinich, percussion, Dave Ruder, electronics
  • give me everything
    By Joe Mariglio
  • The Forest Eats Itself and Lives Forever
    By Aliza Simons
    Aliza Simons, euphonium and electronics
  • Imitation of Fire
    By Lawton Hall
    David Whitwell, trombone, Chad Walther, tuba
  • [Untitled]
    By Joe White

Tuesday – Thursday

Installation Scream, by David Ruder, will be shown before and after IEAMF concerts.

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