Max Alper

Max Alper is a composer, improviser, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist originally hailing from Boston. Max composes and performs an eclectic range of styles of music, from electro-acoustic soundscapes for film and other visual media, to north Indian ragas, to free improvisation for acoustic and electronic instrumentation, to all sorts of cool experimental pop and rock projects. Whether performing as a soloist or composing for large chamber ensembles and everything in between, Max's music is always meant to physically exert the performer. From primal screams, to vicious strumming cycles banged out on a piano, to deafening electronic feedback loops, "this is music to sweat to." During his time at BC-CCM, Max hopes to grow as an artist through new electronic frontiers, to learn to create new processors and effects to bulk his sound. "Technology is growing at such a fast pace nowadays," says Max, "the possibilities are virtually endless as a musician when you add your computer to the instrumentation."