Dan Henry Boehler

Dan Henry Boehler is a Norwegian composer, singer/songwriter, guitarist and pianist, actor and game/multimedia designer. He has written; produced over 100 songs, 50 pieces and several music videos; and composed all music to and narrated an audio book. He has also written a musical. His latest work, "The Witness," a music video that he produced, wrote and edited about the Holocaust and featuring a real-life witness from the concentration camps, got great reviews from the president of the Norwegian Red Cross, Thorvald Stoltenberg. He called the music video an important approach against racism and antisemitism. Dan managed the whole project from idea to completion and collected all the funding needed. This video is used as important educational material today. In 2005 he starred as Danny Zucko in the musical Grease in northern Norway and got great reviews for his performance as singer, dancer and actor.

Dan may be reached via e-mail.