Matthew Glover

Matthew Glover is a guitarist, singer, composer, writer, actor, painter and a graduating senior in the CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies, a program offered by the CUNY Graduate Center. Equally enrolled in the Conservatory of Music and the Department of Psychology at Brooklyn College, his official major is in "Aural Arts Studies and Expressive Neuropsychology." Pooling knowledge from both fields, his focus is an exploration of how musicians and other artists go about creating their respective forms of art, specifically their creative processes as well as the unconscious mechanisms that may or may not affect the way people express themselves and induce empathy in others.

"It's also an exploration of my own creative process… It's nearly impossible to analyze anything without the use of software and related hardware," Matthew says. "There are so many variables in art; to quantify anything substantially and accurately, you need distinct and salient data. From Max-msp, Pro-Tools and spectral analyzers, to brain scanners like fMRI's and EEG's, improvements in technology have become the crux of new ventures in both art and science. We're living in a very exciting time full of new information and approaches, and the Center for Computer Music has numerous resources for composition and musical experimentation."

Matthew may be reached via e-mail or telephone, 914.582.4800.