JEOL-2010 High-resolution Transmission Electron Microscope

5137 Ingersoll Hall
P: 718.951.4697

The JEOL-2010 TEM is a transmission electron microscope that can perform high-resolution lattice imaging for solid materials and thin films. The instrument can typically be used to image metals, ceramics, minerals, nanostructured natural or synthetic materials, and biological-related materials and tissues at atomic-bond-length resolution. Researchers can use this instrument for work related to spintronics, environmental issues, geophysics and geochemical research, atmospheric research, biological research and catalysis, among a variety of applications.

This instrument provides analytical 200 kV TEM capability for detecting elements ranging from carbon to thorium. It is capable of a wide range of illumination lens conditions: TEM mode for Bright Field (BF) and Dark Field (DF) imaging and phase contrast imaging; atomic arrangements are determined by electron diffraction in Selected Area, CBED (convergent beam), and nano-diffraction modes.

  • LaB6 electron gun, which can be operated between 80 and 200kV
  • Point-to-point resolutions of 0.19 nm, with magnification up to 1500,000x
  • Specimen holders: single tilt and double tilt
  • Digital imaging with AMT Advantage HRB, 1 M pixel, cooled, research grade CCD Camera System

Our sample preparation equipments for plane view and cross-section view of geological, and semiconductor materials include an ultrasonic disk cutter (Mode 170), a dimpling Grinder with auto terminator, microscope attachment (Model 200), and an ion milling system controlled by PC capable of double-sided variable milling angle with liquid nitrogen specimen cooling, and microscope (Model 1010). Additional equipments are specimen grinder, X-section kits and Buehler grinder and low speed saw.