Soil Testing

The affordable soil testing service is offered as part of Brooklyn College's commitment to community service. We accept samples from all states within the United States. By requesting this service, the customer agrees that the data may be used for statistical analysis and research purposes. The customer's identity and address will be kept confidential.

Please download and read our Brochure for general information. E-mail us if you have any additional questions.

Please note the results turnaround time below. If you need quick results, please only request Lead XRF Test or Basic Soil Quality Test. Heavy Metal Test can take up to two weeks. If you are actively doing composting, detailed nutrient analysis is not essential.

Follow These Steps to Get Your Soil Tested

  1. Collect soil samples following Sampling Instructions.
  2. Download and complete the Submission Form. Please note that you no longer need to supply sample IDs. We will assign an ID to each sample when the sample(s) are received by the lab. However, clearly label each sample in your package so that they match the respective submission forms. For each sample there needs a separate submission form.
  3. Print the completed submission form(s) and place in a package with the soil sample(s), along with a check or money order.
  4. Mail or drop off your package. Our address is:

    Environmental Sciences Analytical Center
    Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
    Brooklyn College
    5135 Ingersoll Hall
    2900 Bedford Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11210

    We are located in Rooms 5135, 5139 and 5144 Ingersoll Hall. If no one is around, please drop off your package at the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (formerly the Department of Geology) in 3131 Ingersoll Hall.
  5. Results will be e-mailed to you. Please see below for approximate response time.


Lead Test — $10

Lead screening using XRF. Results available within two days.

Heavy Metal Test — $35 (lead included)

Heavy metals test using wet digestion-ICP-MS method. Results available in one to two weeks.

Basic Soil Quality Test — $45

Soil samples are screened for (1) pH, (2) salt content, (3) soil class using jar test, (4) NPK levels using field kits, and (5) lead using XRF analyzer. Results available in one week.

Advanced Soil Quality Test — $75

Soil samples are analyzed for (1) total organic content, (2) nitrate, phosphate, ammonia contents, (3) potassium, calcium, magnesium and micro-nutrients with modified Morgan extraction method, (4) soil class using hydrometer method, and (5) heavy metals using wet digestion-ICP-MS method. Results available in four to six weeks.

Tissue Analysis: Heavy Metals in Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs and Eggs — $30

Five toxic metals (Pb, Cr, As, Cd and Ni) are analyzed for plant tissue samples with microwave-assisted acid digestion ICP-MS method. Please note that these samples cannot be sent through mail (i.e., must be dropped off in person). Results available in two to four weeks.