The center's location in Lower Manhattan guarantees easy access to New York's resources and opportunities.

Graduate Center for Worker Education

Brooklyn College's Graduate Center for Worker Education is located at 25 Broadway in Lower Manhattan. The GCWE is an interdisciplinary educational facility dedicated to the promotion of teaching, research and community partnerships. The GCWE supports academic programs and course offerings, both credit and non-credit, which are of interest to working adults in the Lower Manhattan community and to students at Brooklyn College. 

The GCWE facilitates special events, such as conferences, symposia, and workshops in coordination with Brooklyn College departments, interdisciplinary programs, and continuing education programs.  Course offerings at the GCWE include both degree-granting and non-credit classes and workshops scheduled during the day, in the evening, and on weekends. These offerings address the needs of working adults seeking advanced study to improve their career, or new career, opportunities.

Departments currently participating include Health and Nutrition Science, History, Political Science, Sociology, and Television and Radio as well as the Department of Childhood, Bilingual and Special Education, the Department of School Psychology, Counseling and Leadership, and the Department of Early Childhood Education/Art Education. Because it is strategically located in Lower Manhattan, students taking classes and doing research at the center have access to an array of sites and institutions for research collaborations and internships, including unions, nonprofits, and city agencies.

The GCWE also houses the journal Working USA: The Journal of Labor and Society, edited by Professor Immanuel Ness, the Human Rights in Iran Unit, which is affiliated with Brooklyn College's Department of Political Science, and Labor Arts, which explores the contributions of working people through visual and material representation. In addition, the GCWE houses the Economic Democracy Project, a research and action-based interdisciplinary initiative that brings together a wide variety of individuals from the academy, community groups, nonprofits, labor unions, and the public sector.

For more information regarding the GCWE, call 212.966.4014, or e-mail us.