Classes Listed by Day of the Week


  • Actor's Workshop
  • Analyzing Social Issues
  • Craft Workshop
  • Hebrew, Upper Intermediate
  • Nutritional Enlightenment
  • Properties of Whole Numbers
  • The Short Story: American and International
  • World War II: Movies and Music


  • Alfred Hitchcock and His Films
  • The American Experience in Fiction
  • And the Oscar Goes To
  • The Brooklyn Dodgers and Other Baseball Teams Via Historic Broadcasts
  • Brooklyn History
  • Elementary French 
  • Folk Songs — A Sing-a-Long
  • Gallery 3160 — "Sew Many Ideas"
  • Intellectual Life Lecture Series
  • Married Women Who Love Women
  • "Sicily"
  • A Writer's Journey
  • Yoga and Body Movement Awareness


  • Affirmative Action and The Supreme Court
  • American? Music — Jews, Blacks and Italians Create America's Music
  • Creative Acrylic Painting
  • Dealing With Bereavement and Loss
  • Films Set in NYC — Part 2, The 60s (continued) and 70s
  • Hollywood's America
  • A Joyful Journey to Miles of Smiles
  • Mindfulness — A Place to Be
  • Reading the New York Science Times
  • Spanish Intermediate and Beyond
  • Tai Chi — A Moving Meditation
  • Thinking and Writing Outside the Box


  • America's "Founding Fathers"
  • Holistic Approaches to Healing
  • Mah Jongg for Beginners and Intermediate
  • Old Folk Magick For Everyday Living
  • Opera and the People Who Made Music
  • Philip Roth Through Four Decades
  • Significant Presidential Elections in U.S. History


  • American Irish Influence in Hollywood
  • Chinese Culture and History
  • Museum Walks and Talks
  • Social Bridge
  • Teaching Tolerance
  • What Is Your Future?