Classes Listed by Day of the Week


Actor’s Workshop

Actor’s Workshop Performance

Cat & Dog Sense

Hebrew, Upper Intermediate

Hollywood’s Ethnic America

Nutritional Enlightenment

Selected Topics in Education

The Short Story: American

Two Musical Tributes to Abraham Lincoln


A Joyful Journey to Miles of Smiles, Health and Wellness

Alfred Hitchcock and His Films

Disaster Preparation

Elementary French

Hamlet: Enacting the Text

Hundredth Anniversary of The Great War

Jews, Music and the American Dream”

Shakespeare’s The Tempest

The Struggle for Free Speech at CCNY and Brooklyn College in the 1930’s.

The Brooklyn Dodgers and Other Baseball Teams Via  Historic Radio Broadcasts

Tuesday Lecture Series

Yoga and Body Movement Awareness



American Documentary Films

Are you too close to the car in front of you?

*Computer Basics for the Beginner

Films Set in NYC, Part 3: The 70’s (cont) and 80’s

Israel in 2015 – Facing New  Domestic and International Crises

Putin in Profile

Reading the New York Science Times

Spanish, Intermediate  and Beyond



American Music? Jews, Blacks and Italians Create America’s Music, Cont.

Enlightenment Thinkers and Their Influence on America’s Independence

Investing: An Overview

Gallery 3160 -   “Works on Paper”

*Mah Jongg for Beginners and Intermediates

Mindfulness –   A Place to Be

Old Folk Magick For Everyday Living

Opera and People that Made Music

Significant Presidential  Elections in U.S. History

Thinking and Writing Outside the Box



Contemporary Chinese Issues

John Huston – An American Film Genius

Museum Walks and Talks

Social Bridge


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