Presidential Advisory Committee

The mission of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Italian American Affairs at Brooklyn College is to:

  • advise the president of the college on important issues and activities related to the affairs of Italian Americans on the Brooklyn College campus;
  • increase awareness among students, potential students, faculty/staff and the general public of the college's Italian American courses;
  • support Italian American students at the college by making available, through the Center for Italian American Studies, courses and activities such as personal, career and academic counseling; internships; scholarships and awards;
  • promote curriculum development in the area of Italian American studies;
  • revitalize the Center for Italian American Studies by working closely with the director and supporting the establishment of research programs and projects for undergraduate students in Italian American studies;
  • continue to monitor the college's affirmative action activities in the hiring of new members of the faculty and staff to ensure that the college reflects the diversity of its student body, the borough of Brooklyn and the city of New York;
  • sponsor and promote Italian American cultural activities in all areas of the arts;
  • monitor and support the college's outreach efforts to attract Italian American students;
  • serve as an advisory board to the Center for Italian American Studies and begin a program of fund-raising that will enable the center to carry out its mission of research and support for Italian American cultural activities; and
  • increase the endowment of the Eugene S. Scalia Memorial Library and assist the Center for Italian American Studies in increasing the library's holdings to include films, television shows and music.