The basic programs of the Latin/Greek Institute enable students with no previous training in either language to cover the material normally included in four to six semesters of college-level Latin or Greek in 10 weeks of instruction. Every hour of each of the 50 instructional days has been carefully planned to give students, by the end of the 10th week, both a firm knowledge of the fundamentals of Latin or Greek and substantial experience in the close reading of original texts. Daily attendance is required. Previous students who have completed the program with a grade of B or better regularly pass graduate departmental translation examinations and have performed successfully in senior-level and graduate-level reading courses.

The work of the Institute is extremely demanding, with the equivalent of one week's material in a normal college setting covered each day. Classes begin at 9:30 a.m. and continue until 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, with only a short break for lunch. Quizzes are given daily. There are substantial nightly assignments and weekly examinations. The programs provide daily drills and a review for students who want extra help. Each student has a faculty adviser to help with any difficulties he or she is having.

The Latin/Greek Institute should not be a student's first serious experience in the study of a foreign language. Applicants should demonstrate previous success in language-learning. The experience of more than 40 years has shown that the successful student will possess a good knowledge of English syntax, strong memory skills, and a willingness to sustain for a full 10 weeks his or her commitment to the rigorous work of the program. No successful applicant should enroll who has any other demands during the summer (e.g., term papers, jobs, projects, family problems).

Many students of previous Institutes have found the work the most demanding of their academic careers but also the most rewarding.

Twelve undergraduate credits can be earned in either language through Brooklyn College.