Are You Ready to Recruit at Brooklyn College?

Brooklyn College is a prime source for employers looking for qualified college and experienced candidates. Academic excellence, diversity, academic preparation and career preparation are just some of the reasons you should recruit at Brooklyn College. Learn more at Why Recruit Our Students?

Full Time Positions

To recruit our seniors and recent alumni, contact Fred Balsam, associate director for employer relations and operations.  There are a variety of Ways to Recruit Our Students.


Recruit our students to find out why 94% of our students received a 4 or higher in satisfaction from employers. Feedback included “One of the very best interns I've ever had”, Three of my best interns were recruited from our Magner Career Center posting and Peradeba is one of the best interns we have had at the institute. Employers should review our guidelines which we have found by experience, ensures a quality and positive internship experience for both students and employers. 

Unpaid Internships: Employers who want to promote their unpaid internships, even if academic credit is required, must be sure that they adhere to the DOL’s unpaid internship guidelines which can be found at http://www.dol.gov/whd/regs/compliance/whdfs71.pdf

When sending your posting please include that you have reviewed the DOL guidelines and your internship complies, to get it posted.

Complete the Intern Request Form or e-mail us your existing posting.   If your internship is unpaid reminder to mention in the email that you reviewed and comply with the DOL guidelines.

 ·         Alumni should copy Natalia Guarin-Klein, associate director for internships and alumni programs.

 ·         Legal, government or international related internships should copy Pamela Brown, international internships and the Pre-law Program coordinator.

 ·         All other internships should  copy Miriam Loyd, internship program coordinator