Ways to Recruit Our Students

The Magner Career Center at Brooklyn College looks forward to partnering with you as you explore, engage and recruit the best talent at Brooklyn College from interns to full-time hires and everything in between.  Last year we worked with over 2,500 employers locally, nationally and internationally to fill their internship and employment needs. Below is a summary of services and resources we are offering to benefit and support your recruiting efforts.

Hire BC

Hire BC is an online tool that matches Brooklyn College students and recent graduates with full-time, part-time, permanent, summer, temporary and internship position openings. Creating an account is quick and easy. It allows you to craft your posts in the most individualized and efficient way possible.  If you have trouble creating your account or posting your position, you can e-mail us your postings or call 718.951.5696.

Job Fairs

The Magner Career Center sponsors two major job and internship fairs each year in October and March. These events are a great opportunity to educate students and alumni about your company and network with potential future employees. The fairs are open to undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni. For more information or to register, check out our upcoming job fair. E-mail Fred Balsam or Mermelie Cadet with any questions.

On-campus Interview

Conducting on campus interviews is a key service and resource in achieving a strong presence on campus. This gives you a chance to conduct interviews with prospective students on campus. We will work with you to meet your interview needs to ensure you are being matched with the perfect candidate for your company. We provide both open and pre-screened interview schedules. All on campus interviewing require advance scheduling and preparation, and employers should request on campus interview (OCI) directly through their Brooklyn College CSM account.

Informational Sessions

Inform your prospective employees about your company through Informational Sessions on campus. Employers have the option to host an information/recruiting session.  Employer Information sessions and presentations can greatly enhance your on-campus recruitment efforts. Sessions early on in the semester raise student knowledge and awareness about your organization, thereby increasing the number of resumes submitted and candidates interested in your organization's employment opportunities. All sessions require advance scheduling and preparation. Information sessions are typically held on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 12:30 -2:00 pm. Employers may request an information sessions by emailing Fred Balsam or Sabine Saint-Cyr.

Tabling Events

Tabling is a great way to increase visibility, develop brand recognition and raise awareness about opportunities with your organization. We will help to drive traffic to your table by promoting your presence on campus prior to your tabling date.  For tabling requests, please e-mail Fred Balsam or Mermelie Cadet.

Company Visit Program

We bring them to you! Each year the Magner Career Center arranges a number of Company Visit programs.  These programs are designed to take a small and select group of students out to an employer’s place of business for a tour of the facilities, to attend a presentation on career opportunities available, and to network with employees of the organization.Through this networking event some of our top students get to learn more about job opportunities and the corporate environment. Participating companies have included Goldman Sachs, Penguin Group, Target, Bloomberg, MTV, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Essence magazine and McCann Erickson. Contact Michael Sarrao.

To find out more, contact Fred Balsam.