Adult Classes

Private Lessons in Music, Theater and Dance

Private instruction promotes the growth of skills needed in learning to play an instrument, develop a beautiful singing voice, or compose music. The Preparatory Center works with the registrant to make a successful match between student and teacher. Lessons are tailored to meet the needs of total beginners as well as advanced performers. Students may begin lessons at any time during the calendar year, subject to teacher availability. Weekly recitals held throughout the year provide students with the opportunity to work toward goals and increase confidence. (30, 45 or 60 minutes weekly)

Adults may register for private instruction for the full school year or for five lessons at a time. The dates of the five lessons need to be decided upon registration. Under extenuating circumstances, one rescheduled time will be allowed. The teacher will offer one make-up lesson only. (30-minute classes: $50 each; 45-minute classes: $60 each; 60-minute classes: $70 each)

Introduction to the Guitar

Students are introduced to basic techniques, including learning chords and simple chord progressions in a relaxed group environment. Please note: Students must bring their own instruments. Maximum of six students in each class. (60 minutes weekly)

Introduction to the Piano

Students are introduced to the fundamentals of piano playing in a friendly group environment. Instruction will include note reading and piano technique. Maximum of six students in each class. (60 minutes weekly)

Singing Class for Beginners

Designed to nurture the voice carefully by using simple songs, this class provides voices with basic techniques for breathing, tone, intonation and good posture. Note reading not required. Maximum of six students in each class. (60 minutes weekly)