Our faculty recognize talented students like you.

Our faculty recognize talented students like you.

General Education and Core Curriculum

If you are looking for a sound, well-rounded liberal arts education, then look no further than Brooklyn College.

Throughout your education here, you will learn to:

  • think critically and creatively,
  • effectively express your thoughts,
  • make sound ethical judgments,
  • integrate knowledge from diverse sources and
  • become an informed and responsible citizen of the world.

Central to our general education philosophy is proficiency in writing, speech and a foreign language. As such, you must meet requirements in each of these areas in order to graduate.

As your college education progresses, developing focused skills and knowledge in a specific field becomes increasingly important, but first we offer our students a strong foundation in the liberal arts — the Core Curriculum.

The Core Curriculum

The college-wide Core Curriculum is a requirement for all candidates for a baccalaureate degree. This suite of courses reflects the ideas, knowledge, understanding, judgment, experiences and skills that you will need to make meaningful contributions to a diverse and global society, assume leadership roles, and develop an appreciation of and capacity for lifelong learning.

You will take a total of 11 Core Courses across three groups — Arts and Literatures, Philosophical and Social Inquiry, and Scientific Inquiry — organized into lower and upper tiers. The nine lower-tier courses are foundational; the wide variety of upper-tier courses aims to be integrative and innovative, and to allow you to pursue more in-depth study.

If you have any questions, please contact the Center for Academic Advisement and Student Success, 3207 Boylan Hall, 718.951.5471.


Starting in fall 2013, the City University of New York will implement the Pathways initiative across its undergraduate colleges, including Brooklyn College. Pathways will establish a new system of general education requirements and new transfer guidelines across CUNY. For detailed information, visit the CUNY website.