The 19th Annual Faculty Day Conference

The 19th Annual Faculty Day Conference

The 19th Annual Faculty Day Conference

About Faculty Day

The 19th Annual Faculty Day Conference and Award Ceremony affords us an opportunity to pause from business as usual in order to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of the Brooklyn College faculty. The day features a multidisciplinary conference — including workshops, panel discussions, presentations, art gallery, academic poster sessions and informal roundtable discussions over lunch — culminating in an awards ceremony and reception. At the conference, colleagues participate in an exchange of ideas about a wide variety of scholarly, artistic and pedagogical interests and concerns. At the awards ceremony, individuals nominated by their fellow faculty members are honored for their accomplishments in teaching, research and service.

The Faculty Day Conference emerged out of a desire to provide a unique college-wide opportunity to foster connections with our colleagues and improve the quality of intellectual and social life here on campus. Each year this day gives us a chance to engage in dialogue about academic and pedagogical activities with our colleagues from remarkably diverse disciplines.

Thank you for joining us at this year's Faculty Day Conference and contributing to Brooklyn College's professional and intellectual vitality.

Conference Committee

Committee Co-Chairs

Stephanie Jensen-Moulton
Myra Kogen

Committee Members

James Eaton
Graciela Elizalde-Utnick
Len Fox
Mobina Hashmi
Katherine Hejtmanek
Gail Horowitz
Nicholas Irons
Catherine McEntee
Jerry Mirotznik
Matthew Moore
Theodore Muth
Mariana Regalado
Suklima Roy
Edward Sammons
Judith Wild