Conference Details

Eighth Annual Faculty Day Conference

Student Center
May 25, 2004

9 – 9:15 a.m. — Refreshments


9:15 – 9:45 a.m. — Opening Remarks

Vanessa Yingling, Physical Education and Exercise Science
Provost Roberta S. Matthews, English

10 – 11:15 a.m. — Symposia

Paying Attention: Narrative and Perception in Hitchcock's "Rear Window"

State Lounge, fifth floor

  • Session Moderator: Geoffrey Minter, English
  • Ellen Tremper, English, "A Rear View of Rear Window"
  • Lindley Hanlon, Film, "How We See It"
  • Bill Seeley, Philosophy, "Imagining Film: Seeing with the Mind's Eye"

Crossing Boundaries: Building Learning Communities Through Curriculum

Jefferson-Williams Lounge, fourth floor

  • Session Moderator: Ellen Belton, English
  • Dorothy Kehl, English, and Nehru Cherukupalli, Geology, "Language and Content in Science: A Two-way Acceleration for ESL"
  • Julia Hirsch, English; Ray Allen, Conservatory of Music; and Joseph Entin, English, "Voices Across America: Literature and Music"

Media Diversity Past and Present and the Federal Communications Commission

Maroney-Leddy Lounge, fourth floor

  • Session Moderator: Tomás López-Pumarejo, Economics
  • Timothy Shortell, Sociology, "The Black Press in New York City in the Nineteenth Century"
  • Frederick Wasser, Television and Radio, "Do We Need a 'Fairness Doctrine' in the Media Age?"
  • George Rodman, Television and Radio, "Deregulation and the Rise of the Media Monoliths"

11:30 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. — Symposia

Peaceful Teaching, Teaching Peace: Finding Alternative Models for Learners in the American Classroom

State Lounge, fifth floor

  • Session Moderator: Elaine Brooks, English
  • Roni Natov, English, "The Inclusive Classroom: An Alternative Model to Competition and Ranking"
  • Geri DeLuca, English, "Yoga and the Rhetoric of Radical Self-acceptance"
  • Len Fox, English, "'Making Peace': A Peace Education Textbook"
  • David Forbes, School of Education, "Contemplative Practice in the Urban Classroom"

Models of the Mind: Artificial Intelligence as Philosophy and Psychology

Occidental Lounge, fifth floor

  • Session Moderator: Arthur Reber, Psychology
  • Samir Chopra, Computer and Information Science, "'Verum est factum convertur': Artificial Intelligence as Cognitive Science"
  • Robert Lurz, Philosophy, "Philosophy of Mind and Artificial Intelligence"
  • Aaron Kozbelt, Psychology, "Artificial Intelligence and Natural Intelligence"

Global Anti-Semitism: Sources and Prospects

Maroney-Leddy Lounge, fourth floor

  • Session Moderator: Sara Reguer, Judaic Studies
  • Mervin F. Verbit, Sociology, "Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism"
  • Robert D. Johnson, History, "Confronting Anti-Israel Attitudes on Contemporary College Campuses"
  • Steven P. Remy, History, "Anti-Semitism in Contemporary Europe"

Understanding History: The Values of Interview and Survey Research

Jefferson-Williams Lounge, Fourth Floor

  • Session Moderator: Jocelyn Wills, History
  • Philip Napoli, History, "War Talk: Brooklyn's Vietnam Veterans Remember"
  • Alex Vitale, Sociology, "Challenges in Interviewing Government Officials: Investigating the Origins of 'Quality of Life' Policing"
  • Robert Cherry, Economics, "Contentious History: Perceptions of Polish-Jewish Relations During World War II"

12:45 – 2:15 p.m. — Lunch, Posters, Roundtables


Maroon Room, sixth floor


Gold Room, sixth floor

2:30 – 3:45 p.m. — Artistic Presentations

The Poetics of Sound: An Interactive Performance of Sound and Silence


  • Douglas Cohen, Conservatory of Music
  • George Brunner, Conservatory of Music

"The Beautiful Changes": Performances of Literature About Change

State Lounge, fifth floor

  • Timothy Gura, Speech Communication Arts and Sciences
  • Wendy Fairey, English
  • Judylee Vivier, Theater

In Two: A Work-in-Progress Reading of a Comic Play About the Collision of Academics, Art and Commerce

Jefferson-Williams Lounge, fourth floor

  • Dan Gurskis, Film
  • Faculty and students, Theater

Bridging Cultures and Communities Through Film

Maroney-Leddy Lounge, fourth floor

  • Irina Patkanian, Television and Radio, "My American Neighbor"
  • Annette Danto, Film, "Community Video: Local and International Examples"

4 – 5:15 p.m. — Symposia

Public Health Without Borders: An International Perspective on Disease

State Lounge, fifth floor

  • Session Moderator: Leslie Jacobson, Health and Nutrition Sciences
  • Patricia Antoniello, Health and Nutrition Sciences, "Against Women: AIDS, Global Policies and Health Policies"
  • Jean Grassman, Health and Nutrition Sciences, "The Public Health Problems of Catastrophes: Russia, Italy and the United States"
  • Gerald Oppenheimer, Health and Nutrition Sciences, "Shattered Dreams: Confronting the AIDS Epidemic in South Africa and the United States"

Rethinking the Ideal of Objectivity in Journalism

Alumni Lounge, fourth floor

  • Session Moderator: Hal Himmelstein, Television and Radio
  • Tanni Haas, Speech Communication Arts and Sciences, "Alternatives to the Ideal of Objectivity in Journalism"
  • Katherine Fry, Television and Radio, "Objectivity: No Such Thing"
  • Mark Fishman, Sociology, "Objectivity in Journalism: An Ideal Teetering on the Edge"

Trying to Make Smaller Better: A Case Study in High School Reform

Jefferson-Williams Lounge, fourth floor

  • Session Moderator: Stephen Phillips, School of Education
  • Hollyce Giles, School of Education, "The Uses of Community in a Democratic Reform Initiative"
  • Peter Taubman: School of Education, "The Corporate Politics of School Reform"
  • Nancy Romer: Psychology, "Supporting the Whole: Providing Services to the Entire School Through Service Learning"

5:30 – 6 p.m.

Awards Ceremony


6 – 7 p.m.

Faculty Reception

Oriental-Occidental Lounge, fifth floor