Symposium Sessions

Symposium Sessions

Gallery and Academic Posters

Gallery and Academic Posters

Symposium Sessions

Symposium Sessions

Awards Ceremony and Reception

Awards Ceremony and Reception

Symposium Sessions

Symposium Sessions

Conference Details

18th Annual Faculty Day Conference

Student Center
Wednesday, May 21, 2014

9:30 - 10 a.m.

Continental Breakfast and Conference Kick-Off

State Lounge, 5th Floor

  • For the remainder of the day, the State Lounge will have refreshments and computers/internet access for conference participants. Check your e-mail, double-check your presentation, grab a snack and chat with your colleagues.

10 - 11:15 a.m. — Symposium Session 1

De Blasio’s Dilemma: Challenges Facing Our New Mayor

Jefferson-Williams, 4th Floor

Moderator: Barbara Winslow, Secondary Education and Women's and Gender Studies Program

  • Jessica Siegel, English, "Housing: Where the Rubber Hits the Road"
  • David Bloomfield, School Psychology, Counseling and Leadership, "Education in New York City"
  • Robert Cherry, Economics, "Is de Blasio Focused on the Right Policies to Reduce NYC Poverty?"

Will Mayor de Blasio be able to keep his campaign promises?

A Sense of Place: Researching and Making Global Documentaries

Maroney-Leddy, 4th Floor

Moderator: Annette Danto, Film

  • Miguel Macias, Television and Radio, "The Crisis of My Friends: Life and Work in Spain Today"
  • Irina Patkanian, Television and Radio, "Little Fiel"
  • Irene Sosa, Television and Radio, "Vertical Slum: Architecture and Ideology in Caracas"

How do documentary filmmakers craft narratives of place, identity, politics and history?

Living Well with Autism: Constructing a New, Strength-based Narrative

Alumni, 4th Floor

Moderator: Ginny Dembek, Childhood, Bilingual and Special Education

  • Michael Hannon, School Psychology, Counseling and Leadership, "Mental Health and Well-being of African-American Fathers of Children with Autism"
  • Susan Longtin, Speech Communication Arts and Sciences, "A Thematic Content Analysis of the Autobiographies of Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)"
  • Valerie Stewart-Lovell, Center for Student Disability Services, "Mentoring Provides Support for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)"

Can we talk about autism in terms of strength, resilience and reward?

Team-Based Learning: How Does it Work at Brooklyn College?

Occidental, 5th Floor

Moderator: Suklima Roy, Wolfe Institute and Team-Based Learning Academy

  • Jennifer Ball, Art
  • Elisabeth Brauner, Psychology
  • Lawrence Johnson, Sociology
  • Charlene Kohler-Britton, Early Childhood Education/Art Education

How does teamwork affect learning in the classroom? Faculty from across the disciplines share their experiences.

10:30 - 11:15 a.m. — Mini-Session 1

Affording Higher Education: The Case of Brooklyn College Students

Cosmic, 5th Floor

  • Igor Bychkov, Finance and Business Management

What's happening with student debt, nationally and for Brooklyn College students?

11:30 a.m. - 12:45 p.m. — Symposium Session 2

Varieties of Academic Experience: Religious Studies at Brooklyn College

Occidental, 5th Floor

Moderator: Paul Moses, Journalism and English

David Brodsky, Judaic Studies, "From Disagreement to Discourse: Greco-Roman School Primers and the Origins of Talmud"
  • Ken Estey, Political Science, "Private Religion at a Public College? Studying Religion in the City's University"
  • Lauren Mancia, History, "The Invention of a Suffering God: Emotional Reform of Devotional Practice in a Medieval Monastery"

What does it mean to teach religion at a public college?

Faculty Opportunities for International Education and Engagement

Maroney-Leddy, 4th Floor

Moderator: Terrence Cheng, Associate Provost for Academic Programs

  • Veronica Manlow, Finance and Business Management, "Internationalizing Your Course"
  • Hervé Queneau, Finance and Business Management, "Internationalizing the Curriculum"
  • Ryan Buck, International Student Affairs, "Resources for the Internationally Minded Professor"
  • Alice Gail Bier, International Education and Global Engagement, "Faculty Engagement in Internationalization"

Can internationalized courses encourage students to develop a global mindset, cross-cultural competencies and international engagement?

Making Cities Work: Urban Sustainability at Brooklyn College

Jefferson-Williams, 4th Floor

Moderator: Tammy Lewis, Sociology

  • Rebecca Boger, Earth and Environmental Sciences, "Coupled Natural Human Systems: A Framework for Research and Education"
  • Michael Menser, Philosophy, "Environmental Justice in Post-Sandy New York: The Role of CUNY"
  • Brett Branco, Earth and Environmental Sciences, "Theory to Practice in Urban Sustainability: The Capstone Experience"

How is the Urban Sustainability major preparing a new generation of students to solve the problems facing an increasingly urbanized world?

Crossing Boundaries or Blurring Lines: The Role of Government in PreK-16 School "Reform"

Alumni, 4th Floor

Moderator: Deborah Shanley, School of Education

  • Peter Taubman, Secondary Education, "Where is the Public Voice in Education 'Reform?' Creating a Collective Conversation"
  • Stephan Brumberg, School Psychology, Counseling and Leadership, "Why We All Have a Stake in the Common Core Standards or Do We?"
  • Lynda Sarnoff, School Psychology, Counseling and Leadership and the NYC Teaching Fellows Office, "The Charter School Movement – Who’s Missing?"
  • Haroon Kharem, Childhood, Bilingual and Special Education, "The Role of Public Policy in Countering the ‘Crisis’ and Promoting Success for Black Males"
  • Cecilia Cunningham, Middle College National Consortium, Respondent

How will current school reform policies affect teaching and learning for our future students?

12 -12:45 p.m. — Mini-Session 2

The Art of Problem Solving

Cosmic, 5th Floor

  • Christian Beneš, Mathematics

How are national competitions promoting the joys of problem solving?

12:45 - 2:15 p.m.

Luncheon and Roundtable Discussions

Gold Room, 6th Floor

Gallery and Academic Posters

Maroon Room, 6th Floor

  • Presenters available to discuss their work during the luncheon period from 12:45 - 2:15 p.m.

2:15 - 3:30 p.m. — Symposium Session 3

They Ask, Should We Tell? A Discussion on Disclosure in the Classroom

Occidental, 5th Floor

Moderator: Wayne Reed, Childhood, Bilingual and Special Education

  • Rosamond King, English
  • Beth Ferholt, Early Childhood Education/Art Education
  • Mobina Hashmi, Television and Radio
  • Matthew Harrick, Library

Taking our title from Rosamond King’s recent article, a panel of LGBTQ faculty and allies explores the topic of "coming out" to students in instructional settings.

Seeing our Students as Researchers

Alumni, 4th Floor

Moderator: Joseph Entin, English

  • Helen Georgas, Library, "Google and the Library: Student Search Patterns and Behaviors"
  • Mariana Regalado, Library, "Putting It All Together: Students Talking about Their Research Processes"
  • Matthew Burgess, English, "The Resident Experts: The Classroom as a Research Community"

How do students actually approach research? How can we inspire them to greater engagement with research?

MOOC Mania: Access or Excess?

Maroney-Leddy, 4th Floor

Moderator: Scott Dexter, Computer and Information Science

  • David M. Arnow, Computer and Information Science
  • James C. Davis, English and American Studies
  • Beth Evans, Library

What are the implications of Massive Open Online Courses for teaching, learning, institutions, and professions?

Pathways and the Brooklyn College GenEd Curriculum

Jefferson-Williams, 4th Floor

Moderator: Len Fox, English/ESL

  • Alex Vitale, Sociology, "The National Struggle for Faculty Control Over Curriculum"
  • Tanni Haas, Speech Communication Arts and Sciences, Alejandro Alonso, Modern Languages and Literatures, and Peter Lipke, Biology, "What Are the Current BC Requirements in Speech, Modern Languages, and the Sciences and How Have They Been Affected by Pathways?"

  • Elaine Brooks, English, and Danielle Kellogg, Classics, "Responses to the Departmental Speakers and Comments on the BC GenEd Curriculum"

How is BC dealing with controversies about college GenEd curricula?

2:15 - 3 p.m. — Mini-Session 3

Open Access Textbooks

Cosmic, 5th Floor

  • Miriam Deutch, Library
  • Jane Palmquist, Conservatory of Music

A model for free, high-quality educational content based on an open access resource for teaching music.

3:45 p.m.

Awards Ceremony and Reception