Luncheon and Roundtable Discussions

Luncheon and Roundtable Discussions

Luncheon and Roundtable Discussions

12:45 - 2:15 p.m.
Gold Room, 6th Floor

Applications of Improvisation Theory to Science and Teaching

  • Jennifer Basil, Biology
  • Catherine McEntee, Biology
  • Kenneth Axen, Health and Nutrition Sciences
  • Julianna Forlano, Television and Radio

Pathways and GenEd Discussion

  • Len Fox, English
  • Elaine Brooks, English
  • Alex Vitale, Sociology

"Difficult Students?" Here's Help!

  • Valerie Stewart-Lovell, Center for Student Disability Services
  • Susan Bohne, Diana Rogovin Davidow Speech-Language-Hearing Center
  • Ilene Tannenbaum, Health Clinic

Fend Off Deception: Predatory Journals and Conferences Are Out to Steal Your Good Name, Your Work and Your Money Too

  • Beth Evans, Library
  • Mariana Regalado, Library

MOOC Mania: Access or Excess?

  • James Davis, English
  • David Arnow, Computer and Information Science

Prospects, Possibilities, Problems with Comprehensive Immigration Reform

  • Anna Law, Herbert Kurz Associate Professor of Constitutional Law and Civil Liberties, Political Science

Mayor de Blasio So Far...

  • David Bloomfield, School Psychology, Counseling and Leadership
  • Barbara Winslow, Secondary Education and Women’s Gender Studies Program

Tenure and Promotion = Scholarship, Teaching, and Service: What it Means to You and to the College

  • Terrence Cheng, Associate Provost for Academic Programs
  • Margaret-Ellen Pipe, Psychology

Flipping and Grouping: Student Engagement and the Case for TBL

  • Sharona Levy, SEEK
  • Graciela Elizalde-Utnick, School Psychology, Counseling and Leadership

The Fundamentals of Fundraising

  • Maria Conelli, Dean, School of Visual, Media and Performing Arts
  • Andrew Sillen, Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Early College Models and Why You Should Care

  • Deborah Shanley, Dean, School of Education
  • Louise Hainline, Psychology
  • Nicholas Mazzarella, Brooklyn College Academy
  • David Genovese, Brooklyn College Academy
  • Pieranna Pieroni, College Now
  • Mary Chiusano, Star Early College High School
  • Cecilia Cunningham, Middle College National Consortium