Adolescence Education 7-12

Pass the love of learning onto future generations.

You undoubtedly recall the name of your eighth-grade math teacher. If you obtain a graduate degree in adolescence education, you are on your way to being remembered with (mostly) love and affection as well. Our program in adolescence education offers a master’s degree that can facilitate your teaching in the subject of your choice. Nose always in a novel? Help give 11th graders the tools to interpret great works as an English teacher. Love watching an ant colony at work or the movement of the stars? Open the eyes of seventh graders to the world of science. Our program is headed by faculty with an impressive breadth of practical experience in the classroom and a thorough understanding of pedagogy.

The accounting program at Brooklyn College is giving me the real world experience I need to be a CPA.

Alberto Epstein Rodriguez
Majors: Accounting (CPA track) and Business, Management, and Finance

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Quick Facts

  • Nearly 80 percent of Brooklyn’s high school teachers are graduates of our programs.
  • Most of our programs lead to professional certification.
  • Brooklyn College partners with many exciting, innovative city organizations such as the Lincoln Center Institute Teacher Education Collaborative and Puppetry in Practice.

Possible Careers

  • Seventh-grade Spanish teacher
  • Physics after-school tutor for children needing extra help
  • Physical education teacher for elementary school children