Art History

Explore the work of history’s artistic geniuses.

You are enthralled by art and continually seek to fully understand it. And there’s no better place to gain that comprehension than Brooklyn College. Our professors are well-versed in the very latest in art historical research, specialize in topics ranging from medieval art to abstract expressionism, and have received Guggenheim and Mellon Foundation fellowships. As a graduate in art history, you will be expected to know either French or German and take advanced courses in such subjects as Egyptian, Renaissance and Baroque art. Your education will be supplemented by the Meier Bernstein Library, with its unparalleled collection of art-related books, periodicals and electronic materials. By the end of the program, you will have produced papers or a thesis that meets publishable standards.

The professors always have our individual interests in mind and are very accommodating in terms of seeking out opportunities for us to take advantage of inside and outside of the university.

Jessica Erichsen ’12

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Quick Facts

  • The Art Department was founded by artists escaping German fascism.
  • Most department professors are active at the City University Ph.D. program in art history.
  • Architecture courses are part of the department’s offerings.

Possible Careers

  • Art conservationist maintaining works threatened by time and environmental damage
  • Art librarian for universities and museums
  • Appraiser for family estates and antique dealers