Autism Spectrum Disorders

Exceptional educators provide a special education.

With autism rates rising at an alarming pace, the demand for experts in this field has never been greater. By studying various techniques and theories, you’ll gain the skills required to work with children diagnosed with any number of psychological abnormalities related to social interaction and communication, and to help them succeed academically. This is the only program in New York that has a cross-paradigm perspective where you’ll discover the strengths and weaknesses of the many different approaches and learn from faculty from a number of different fields and disciplines. You’ll also have the benefit of the latest in augmentative communication at the campus's assistive technology center.

The interactions among students from different disciplines, such as speech-language pathology, occupational therapy and psychology, as well as the variety of therapeutic and educational approaches that are addressed, make this program unique.

Susan Longtin
Assistant Professor

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Quick Facts

  • The 15-credit autism spectrum disorders certificate is the only program in the New York area that is available for students with either bachelor's or master's degrees.
  • Classes are scheduled in the late afternoon and early evening for the convenience of working professionals, who can also conduct their practicum at their own work site, where appropriate.
  • The course work and practicum will reflect a range of approaches available for children on the autistic spectrum, including applied behavioral analysis, both discrete trials and natural learning paradigms, and developmental social-pragmatic approaches.

Possible Careers

  • Special education teacher at a public or private academic institution
  • Occupational therapist for children in clinics, hospitals and other health institutions
  • Mental health advocate for children in child protection systems