Computer Science

Our computer science curriculum is programmed to tie your superior education to an outstanding career.

Taught by a faculty of renowned and highly respected professors, our program takes you far beyond the fundamentals of computer science and instills in you a deep and lasting sense of professional and intellectual awareness.  Throughout your academic work that ranges from social algorithms and software to artificial intelligence, we encourage you to engage in research — whether you focus on your own area of interest or work alongside professors on theirs — that will catapult you to leading positions in the field.

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Quick Facts

  • Brooklyn College maintains close relationships with major computer companies and labs in the information science industry and academia to ensure that you receive the latest information and knowledge.
  • After 74 consecutive wins on Jeopardy!, reigning champion Ken Jennings was defeated by a computer named Watson.
  • The first personal computers cost as much as $5,000.

Possible Careers

  • Computer systems designer creating new IT systems
  • Network system analyst at an institution of higher learning
  • Information systems specialist in charge of the operation of a state government agency database