School Counseling

Learn to provide guidance and support to students that they often lack in their schools.

Do you find yourself caring about the whole student — not simply his or her academic performance, but also his or her social, emotional and spiritual well-being? If you like guiding students to their fullest potential, the holistic approach to our program will show you how to channel your nurturing qualities to become an effective school counselor. You will perform 600 hours of supervised internships, and you’ll have the option of specializing in bilingual counseling. As a school counselor, your role is uniquely meaningful and rewarding to students. You will be helping them navigate an educational system that at times may seem harsh or indifferent and family situations that may be less than ideal.

I appreciate the focus on multicultural awareness. This is especially appropriate as I ready myself to be a school counselor in a city as diverse as New York.

Megan Kennedy ’12

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Quick Facts

  • In 2010–11, 138 students were enrolled in our school counseling program.
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the market for counselors is growing — employment is expected to increase by 18 percent by 2018.
  • School counselors used to be known as "guidance counselors."

Possible Careers

  • Counselor at an elementary school
  • Consultant to an education-focused business
  • Analyst at the U.S. Department of Education