Business Economics

Our graduate program in business economics trains you for all sectors of the field.

The Brooklyn College graduate business economics program lets you specialize in one of three fields — accounting, economic analysis, and global business and finance. A highly distinguished faculty is committed to providing you with the intellectual tools, foundational knowledge and advanced skills you will need to make an indelible mark in your chosen profession.

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Quick Facts

  • Business economics rose in importance after World War II, when firms began hiring business economists to help them interpret and understand trends and shifts.
  • The National Association of Business Economics, the premier professional organization in the field, has been in existence since 1959.
  • The median entry-level base salary for business economists in 2010 was $58,000.

Possible Careers

  • Financial reporter for The Wall Street Journal or The Financial Times
  • Financial analyst on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange
  • Economist in the credit division of a leading lending institution