Immerse yourself in a world literature that spans from the Middle Ages to the present.

Through the study and analysis of a variety of literary texts, historical concepts, and critical and theoretical approaches (including, among others, new historicism, reader-response theory, deconstruction, feminist criticism and post-colonial studies), you are afforded the opportunity to develop individual interpretations of texts and to evaluate controversies surrounding the canon. Small-group tasks, oral presentations, short papers and longer research papers complement lectures, discussions and examinations. You’ll also have access to travel and research grants and opportunities to publish your research in journals or present it at graduate colloquia at Brooklyn College and at other universities around the world.

The majority of the faculty members have degrees from high-ranking national colleges and universities. They have helped me learn ways to improve my writing, and learn new techniques for innovative research with my thesis project.

Angel Suarez ’12 M.A.

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Quick Facts

  • Graduate English students run their own community Facebook page.
  • Graduate English faculty are world-renowned, extensively published and experts in the field.
  • The earliest university courses in English included the study of rhetoric and grammar, and the practice of oratory.

Possible Careers

  • Literature teacher at public or private academic institutions
  • Editor of print or online newspapers, magazines or journals
  • Publisher or creator of online blogs