Earth and Environmental Sciences

Study the world from your own backyard.

A comprehensive understanding of our planet requires both broad and very focused exploration, from the study of the earth’s atmosphere to water treatment in New York. Our program links the fields of chemistry, biology and physics together to paint an image of our planet and its various habitats and environments. You’ll spend time both in our five well-equipped labs and off campus, on field trips to Jamaica Bay, Prospect Park and the Rose Center for Earth and Space. Combined, the classroom and hands-on education you receive will fully prepare you for a career in a discipline that has global importance.

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Quick Facts

  • Our affiliations with local institutions guarantee students access to collections of fossils, meteorites, minerals, rocks and other earth materials.
  • Our Aquatic Research and Environmental Assessment Center provides you with opportunities to research such topics as learning in the octopus and the behavioral neuroendocrinology of vocal fish.
  • Many of Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings reflect his in-depth knowledge of geology.

Possible Careers

  • Oceanographer studying mankind’s effects on coral reefs and maritime life
  • Geologist providing valuable research on the controversial process of fracking
  • Seismologist exploring possible ways to predict earthquakes