Exercise and and Sport Science

Strengthen your knowledge of exercise and sport science.

As an exercise or sport enthusiast, you love the feeling of vigor and well-being when you're playing a sport, running a marathon or swimming a few laps, and you're looking to forward your career that incorporates that passion. Our rigorous graduate program in exercise and sport science is the perfect fit. Your studies will include advanced courses on, among other topics, physiology of exercise, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation and biomechanics. You will learn how exercise impacts different ages and special populations, such as athletes and the elderly. By the time you earn your degree, you will be fully prepared to advance your career in clinical, corporate, fitness or sport settings.

The classes prepare students to explore areas ranging from sports management and research, to exercise physiology and clinical work. I have a chance to work in-depth with a professional in the field as I develop my own career trajectory.

Stefanie Joshua ’13

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Quick Facts

  • Most students complete the program within two to three years.
  • Our faculty members include sport and exercise scientists, lawyers specializing in sport law, and physical education experts.
  • The U.S. Department of Health reports that adults need half an hour of moderate exercise each day — and that they're not getting it.

Possible Careers            

  • Exercise or sport scientist
  • Fitness professional in a club or clinic
  • High-tech sport coach

Educational Preparation for Advanced Study in:

  • Exercise or sport science at the Ph.D. level (at institutions offering the Ph.D.)
  • Physical therapy (at institutions offering a DPT degree)
  • Occupational therapy (at institutions offering OT degrees)
  • Chiropractor (at institutions offering DC degrees)