Computer Science and Health Science

For a health-minded computer whiz, our master’s program is the next perfect step in furthering your education.

If you are skilled in the use and applications of computers and you want to work in the healthcare and medical fields, then you’ve just discovered the exact program that you need. The Brooklyn College computer science and health science program is the only master’s degree program of its kind in the New York metropolitan area. By combining courses in our Department of Computer and Information Science and Department of Health and Nutrition Sciences, our program focuses on the use of technology in a wide range of health care and medical-related areas. This unique degree will set you apart from all others in the field and will firmly position you as a leading candidate for the job and career you want.

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Quick Facts

  • Virtually every area of healthcare — from digital scans and X-rays to billing — is reliant on knowledgeable computer users.
  • Our Computer and Information Sciences Department is the largest of its kind in New York City.
  • Centrifuges may be run by computers that are programmed by lab technicians.

Possible Careers

  • Director of billing at a university medical center
  • Creator of systems that digitize medical records
  • Head of patient files at a large metropolitan hospital