Information Systems

Secure a future in one of the top 10 careers with a Brooklyn College degree in information systems.

Your solid grounding in information systems is just the beginning of a successful career in a field that seemingly knows no bounds. Our graduate program will delve deeper into your chosen field through intensive study in operating and database systems, computer architecture and software methodology, among others. Our faculty have many years of technical experience behind them and continue to do their own advanced research that will improve your understanding of what is still possible. In addition, they are acquainted with many top personalities in the industry and can introduce you to new avenues to investigate on your way to the top.

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Quick Facts

  • For the past decade, computer software engineers and systems administrators and analysts were the fastest-growing occupations in the country.
  • Our Computer and Information Science Department is one of the largest of its kind in the metropolitan area.
  • Information systems students make key presentations at our annual Science Day celebration.

Possible Careers

  • Information systems security engineer at a defense company or organization
  • Chief technical officer at a global corporation
  • Database analyst for a statewide university system