Judaic Studies

Explore the rich and ancient history and traditions of Judaism.

You already have some competency in Hebrew, and you took many Judaic studies courses during your undergraduate career. Now you are looking to take your studies of Jewish history, religion, culture, literature and languages to the next level. Our Department of Judaic Studies offers a graduate degree for those students who are serious about advancing their knowledge. Located among the thriving Jewish communities of Brooklyn and the surrounding boroughs, Brooklyn College takes advantage of strong community ties but also offers you introspective courses on the vast Jewish diaspora outside New York.

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Quick Facts

  • Hebrew has been taught at Brooklyn College for 50 years.
  • Students may intern at such places as the National Yiddish Book Center in Amherst, Mass., as well as at the Museum of Jewish Heritage and the Center for Jewish History.
  • The New York metropolitan area is home to the largest Jewish population in the world outside Israel.

Possible Careers

  • Rabbi at a temple
  • Editor at a publishing house specializing in Jewish books
  • Policy analyst at a think tank focusing on Israeli issues